Monday, August 23, 2010

'about knowing'

"The senses lose their place as gateways of knowing to take their rightful place as stimuli to action." (Dewey in Reconstruction in Philosophy, pg 83)

Knowing is a multi-tiered faculty and this nascent state has been represented in various ways. The piece below represents a triangulated model of knowing. It includes: knowing through sensory experience, knowing by engaging and knowing by being consumed. It also narrates the process of knowledge integration: consumption, digestion and assimilation...

'three levels'

Sunday, August 22, 2010

'the square as form'

All forms, whether considered static or dynamic, are in a continual state of change. When a form is manipulated, the physical shifts incurred establishes an open-ended narrative from which perpetual meanings can be extrapolated. The form, in Sufi philosophy, is representable by a square. This shape is a visual representation of the number 4, which corresponds on a macrocosmic level, to the four divisions of matter.

"many guises"