Friday, October 7, 2011

'in and around'

My current work evolved from my two previous exhibitions which explore shape and its transformation into form. The preliminary examples presented mainly ‘virgin’ or ‘unscathed’ forms and the endless physical possibilities of unaltered basic geometric shapes. Later on in the work, the shapes were symmetrically incised on major intersections and angles. By assigning symbolism to these geometric shapes, the process of manufacture evoked and gave rise to new metaphors and narratives. This methodology and approach provided the groundwork for my present concept.
I am currently undertaking a visual exploration of the ongoing mind-body ontological problem. It unpacks the idea of the inscription of a personal history on an entity. It does not endeavour to take a specific stance; it merely aims to evoke dialogue by highlighting causalities which are often hidden. The work is rooted in and references the mind-body duality by recording the ‘residue’ or result after physical impact.

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