Friday, July 13, 2012

After Math: What we've been up to...

Every morning, for the last three weeks have been dedicated to exhibition related planning, administration and more planning. Afternoons were gratefully spent on the collaborative video works, with film maker Mocke J van Veuren. See more of his collaborative work by following the link below:

The image to the right depicts Mocke shooting one of hundreds of digital photographs, required for our stop motion animated video works. The current animation we are working on, titled 'Ma', is the last of three video works which will be screened at the After Math show.

'Ma', Afrikaans for 'mother' or 'but' is a broad exploration of the life of a mother (working class in this context) and her journeys, narratives and moments. The sculptural bodies evidence these occurrences through its inscribed and tensioned form; whereas the video work records each moment of impact and its consequence. However, neither of the works disclose the cause of the impact and this important aspect therefore remains a mystery.

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