Wednesday, April 18, 2012

'looming 2'

The link below is for the animated videowork- 'looming 2'. The work was on exhibit with the sculpture 'looming' (posted on 9 January 2012- see below) in the public domain at the Artspace gallery in December 2011.

Aluminium and Wax by Farieda Nazier
Animation and Sound by Mocke J V Veuren
2.03 minutes
Sounds were recorded in Johannesburg CBD, near the Carlton Centre.
The video work, ‘Looming 2’, accompanies the sculptural piece ‘Looming’ and is fundamentally linked in its conceptual premise. It is the product of a creative collaboration between sculptor Farieda Nazier and film maker Mocke J Van Veuren. The resultant video work provides the scope for broader, time-based reflection regarding the subject matter. The video work illustrates the notion of change, temporality and moments in the growth of the city. It exploits the inherent mechanisms of stop-motion animation, by stitching together the incremental moments of the sculpture’s production process in a sequential manner in order to construct a sense of duration and perpetual transformation, emphasizing the awkwardly shifting nature of the city.
Through the animation process, the usually rigid and passive metal moves in unexpected ways, expressing pliability and mobility without signs of external force. The transformation of the metal seems to be driven by a complex, conflictual agency, mirroring the internal struggles and desires that continually shape and reshape the city.
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  1. Good luck with your blog - may you prosper as a result of these networks, especially the exposure it brings to your work.

  2. Due to the intervention of Mocke, this post now shows the embedded animated video work!! Hooorah!

    Feel free to have a look. There will be more work soon!

  3. Please keep me informed about your work and exhibitions.